Global Independent Media Arts Alliance

The Global Independent Media Arts Alliance (GIMAA) is a non-profit organisation working to advance and strengthen the media arts community globally.The GIMAA forms strategic alliances with independent artists and artist collectives, media production companies, film and media arts organizations, film festivals, art houses, cinemas, cultural institutions, content distributors, broadcast entities, arts service organizations, and funders globally, to advance creativity and artistic expression, serving independent media artists and cultural workers globally.GIMAA activities include quarterly field meetings open to the public and our annual Global Media Arts Festival and Global Media Arts Conference, which serve to provide a continuous forum for ideas exchange, peer learning, economic development and professional support from practitioners within and outside the GIMAA network.

About Us

The Global Independent Media Arts Alliance was founded with the aim of transforming media arts now and for future generations. We are a strategic alliance that work together to leverage our resources and networks to help shift media arts for stakeholders towards greater sustainability and equity.GIMAA is here to support and advance careers for independent media artists, media arts practitioners, and artists exploring traditional or expanded forms of storytelling and visual expression using film, cinema, audio, broadcast, new media, creative code, and related formats. In addition, we provide opportunities for the public to deepen appreciation for, and experience, historic or contemporary works in-person, online, or through television or radio broadcast, digital streaming, or any other emerging formats including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.GIMAA has witnessed the power of partnership in achieving positive change. Media Arts requires new and better solutions at every scale — ideas that take a systems-level approach and involve deep collaboration between the philanthropic sector, media arts industry stakeholders & organisations, researchers, professional associations, grassroots movements, cultural sector workers, indigenous artists, governments, and policymakers.GIMAA wants to use an innovative approach to collaboration. We are uniquely positioned to catalyze active participation and the engagement of artists and industry professionals from around the world.We believe that cultural transformation takes place when diverse people, networks, and actions intersect across domains of media arts and silos, in ways that are local and global, micro and macro. These intersections facilitate convergence around shared visions and values about creativity and artistic expressions.Ultimately, we have seen how they can build critical mass and momentum for tipping points that lead to healthy, equitable, renewable, resilient, inclusive, and culturally diverse story-telling, entertainment and art forms that are dynamic and endure over time.Join us in strengthening the global media arts community together.

Our Work

GIMAA is dedicated to advancing creativity and artistic expression, serving independent media artists and cultural workers globally.As an alliance of stakeholders, we have the privilege and responsibility to use our resources and networks to get arts on the economic and social agenda in different countries. By combining our knowledge and expertise, we believe that we can have a more significant impact 'together' than any one organisation can have on its own.The world is now a global village with the digital ecosystem reducing the boundaries, barriers and increasing access to artistic works. Our alliance can make important contributions to the cultural and economic development of media artists, industry stakeholders, art enthusiasts, and their communities globally.Our GIMAA outreach through the leadership of the different 'Mission Directors' can provide resources and networking opportunities for media artists, and access points for the public to discover the innovative stories and expressions of global creators working with today’s media tools and technologies.GIMAA through the effort of our Governing Council and Steering Committees share several priorities for the arts and cultural sector, as well as recommendations for governments.

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